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Nearly 2 years ago I left my job. I was 34, no children, no husband, no mortgage and this sense of feeling rather odd and different in the world. Even my younger sister (13 years junior to me) was settling down with a fiancee, with her career ahead of her and probably some children in the future and a couple of dogs. And yet here I was, no direction. So I felt this deep calling. I needed time out of the 9-5 to discover what my true passion was.

Many spiritual masters and gurus say follow your bliss... yet I had not given myself permission to follow mine. I had tried to fit in with society, but I truly felt like a square peg trying to fit into an ever growing round hole. Until one day on a solo walk in nature I realised my heart longs for the open road. My heart longs to express itself across this planet. My feet need to move and explore. I have the explorer's heart.

As people arrive into new places they may see the airport, the hotel, the resort, the restaurant. Me? I see adventure. I see all the details, the tiny brickwork on a wall, the grass growing through the cracks in the pavement, the way the sun lights up the window-ledge. My eyes are childlike, my soul is expansive and my heart is open for the new.

And so Travelling Footprints is my place to let my spirit soar. 

I love to write, I love photography, I love looking for all the nooks and crannies of a new place. My first stop into a new town or country is coffee. I love my coffee and it truly helps me ground into a new place. If anyone were to ask me what I would really love to do I would say to write my way around the world. So this is my fresh start.

I don't do logical. I tend to follow my intuition and I am open to opportunities in many different ways, shapes and forms to follow this dream. 

I remember reading about a guy that tweeted his way around the world. Now that totally excites me. If I had a round-the-world ticket right now I would probably see how social networks could take my feet around this planet and see what this great generous world has to offer me. 

Some time ago I also started dancing, belly dancing to begin with and then I started a practice of dancing called Five Rhythms Dancing. It is a form of dance that is wild, free, natural, a healing, exploring inner and outer dance. One of my fond day-dreams is to also dance my way around the world. I may not be a ballet dancer or a professional dancer but I thought how fun it would be to learn a bit of different global dances here there and everywhere? I imagine myself finding a Five Rhythms class in all corners of the world. Dancing in Los Angeles, New York and South America, in New Zealand, Australia and across Europe. Now that's great inspiration!

So as I said, I am open to the different, the unique, a way to fulfil my dancing feet, leaving footprints across this beautiful planet I call home.

I hope you enjoy my blog and stay a while and get to experience your own adventures too.


Kelly x

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