Thursday, 1 November 2012

My On The Road Reading Moment - Synchronicity

This is my entry to 'The WORKS'  travel blogger competition HERE

Many travellers have a special book they remember when travelling; sets the scene; transports them even deeper into their surroundings. Me, I had several, and instead of many clothes and necessary items I had books instead. My backpack was a vehicle of adventure.

My first travelling journey was a spiritual one. I had not decided it was going to be that way. But life gave me an open door to my own personal transformation.

After a few months in Sydney, I met a woman who introduced me to energy healing. Much of what she said really spoke to me. So much so, after I left Melbourne, I could not get enough of the new understandings that books were bringing to me on my travels.  I was looking at the world differently and books kept falling off shelves, totally relevant to me and my own personal journey.

One series of books (that was meant to be fiction) turned out to be far more. My favourite on-the-road reading moment began with :

The Celestine Prophecy  by James Redfield

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