Saturday, 19 May 2012

My First Departure & Kuala Lumpur

Many moons ago, at the end of 1999, I embarked on my first travelling trip away from home. It was not only my first travelling adventure, it was also the first ever time I had lived away from my parental home. Thirteen years later, a lot older, hopefully a lot wiser, but still with a keen sense of adventure and an explorer spirit, it is time to pay homage to my last big trip.
In 1999 it was a time without digital cameras; the internet was just in its beginning stages; computers were big and bulky; and you did not even take a mobile phone when travelling. Finding out about places to visit was done prior to my trip on a very slow modem-based internet, through the use of the old trusty well-worn guidebook, and word-of-mouth guidance from other travellers.

I can look back on it as a whirlwind of fabulous life changes, but reading my travel diary I see how young I was, how insecure, lacking in confidence and less wordy in my writing skills, not forgetting my appalling photography (wide grin).  But now, as I allow in further opportunities to travel, I feel it is time to re-visit and to reminisce, for any would-be backpackers and armchair travellers to the country of Australia (and a brief stop in Malaysia).

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